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Salt Spray Test Machine
Brine / Salt Spray Test Machine . Description:  1)This machine is specially designed for test on the anti-corrosion function of the products, the surface of the product during the test whether there are defects, as the quality meets the requirements of reference, such as paints, coatings, plating, anodizing process and a variety of surface-treated parts requirements for corrosion testing.Verification compliance: CNS / JIS /ASTM /BS/ DIN/FED-STD/ IEC/ ISO / MIL-STD/AASS/ CASS. Features: 1)Auto replenishment of water when water-level is inadequate.2)Precision glass nozzle (PYREX Brand): The manufacturer guarantees that the nozzle shall not be jammed by crystallization of salt within 3200 hours after filling of the brine.3)The controlling devices are installed on one panel that offers simple operation.4)The sprayer is equipped with dual overheating protections and alarm for inadequate water level so as to assure safety.5)Digital thermometer in conjunction with SSR control, at precision of (±) 0.3 ℃ Direct steam heating in the test trough for the accelerated heating so that to cut down the warm-up time.6)The mist spray tower is equipped with a cone-shaped diffuser that offers a smooth flow of steam/mist as well as regulating the mist volume and even fall of mist.7)Considering customer’s price requirement, we applied different quality of accessories for SST machine.● This product is A / B / C/ D / grade salt spray test machine (different quality, different prices, warranty or different)(A / Grade parts and materials use Taiwan and Japan assembly)( B / Grade use Taiwan and China parts materials assembled ) ( C / grade quality good China accessories assembly.)( D / grade ordinary quality China accessories assembly.)Different quality, different price, different durability, different warranty, please choose the above requirements.Remark:If you need product catalogues, please feel free to send inquiries to the following email address.( / /
Electroplating Rectifier, High-frequency rectifier
How to purchase the electroplating rectifier. Description:   1.Wave types are available for direct current method, pulse method, PR method, alternative current method, alternative & direct current method, recovery method, inversion method.  2.Nowadays the electroplating rectifier in the market is mainly by direct current method, the global biggest quantity consumed market is in China and it is divided by two categories: high frequency and SCR, these two categories is with advantage, defect individually:  3.Advantage of high frequency rectifier: electricity saving, less space occupied, light weight, saving of material consumption, it is mainly used for electronics components application, with more cheaper price. Wave is better than SCR when it is without added wave filter. Defect: most of electronics components is easy to corrode by humidity and acid, alkaline air, trouble chance is higher than SCR type, with less durability, especially is high power capacity. High-frequency rectifier If maker technology is not matured enough, would often malfunction.  4.SCR rectifier:Advantage:Low trouble chance, durable long life, with more higher material cost, Electronics components application is less than high frequency type, it is not easy to corrode by humidity, acid, alkaline air. (defect: with more higher price, with more bigger space occupied, with more heavy weight, with more higher power consumption when it is compared with same power of high frequency type).  5.Cooling method of high frequency rectifier is available for 2 types: fan cooled type, water circulation cooled type.  6.Cooling method of SCR rectifier is available for. 4 types: air cooled type, fan cooled type, oil dipping cooled type, oil dipping + water circulation cooled type.  7.Air cooled type, fan cooled type, is easy to corrode, aged by acid, alkaline air, due to contacted mechanical components directly, it is not suitable for application when factory site is under higher acid, alkaline air status. Water cooled type , Suitable for moderately acidic and alkaline, air pollution state electroplating factory use.  8.Oil dipping cooled type and oil dipping + water circulation cooled type is to immerse most of rectifier unit into oil, mechanical components is not easy to get trouble, due to it is not contact acid, alkaline air easily. It is suitable for application of electroplating factory when it is under higher acid, alkaline air status.  9.High-frequency rectifier: High efficiency, very low power consumption, small size, machine light, the price is cheaper than SCR quoqua, becomes the mainstream in China electroplating factory. Plating Rectifier (non-standard)  10. If you can accept expensive, low-failure, durable, oil-immersed SCR rectifiers, it average service life is about 15 years.  1.High-frequency water-cooled/Air-cooled rectifier     (0---30V)   (0---6,000A)  2.High-frequency water-cooled/Air-cooled rectifier     (0---100V) (0---100A) Electrophoresis paint dedicated  3.SCR air-cooled rectifier                                                 (0---30V)  (0---2,000A)  4.SCR air-cooled rectifier                                                 (0---100V) (0---100A) Electrophoresis paint dedicated  5.SCR Oil-immersed rectifier                                           (0---30V)  (0---15,000A)  6.SCR Oil-immersed rectifier                                            (0---80V)  (0---3,000A) Aluminum hard oxidation special  AC:220 / 380 / 415 / 440V ±10V / three phases, 50 / 60HZ。  7.Plating rectifiers are divided into: single-phase half-wave, single-phase middle out, single-phase bridge, three-phase half-wave ,three-phase bridge, double star six-phase, and other rectification methods, feasible automatic constant voltage, automatic constant voltage setting Current, automatic current density, etc.  8.Plating rectifier series, the current waveform varies due to rectification, DC waveform differences effect the plating luster, current level of uniformity.  9.As mentioned above, all output pulse rate after the whole wave filter, the lower the pulse rate, the better improvement of the quality of the plating. The best of wave pulse rate are three-phase rectifier bridge, six-phase dual star.  10.Different plating equipment, plating quality requirements, to match up for different functions and wave rectifier structure.  (Including electroplating automatic line PLC man-machine interface control requirements. etc....)Remarks1. Our company Rectifier has perfect error protection: Such as short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, lack of phase, super-fluid, overheating protection etc.2. High-frequency water-cooled / air-cooled rectifiers are divided into / A / B / C / D grades, using different materials, quality and price differences, durability is different, the warranty period is different, Electroplating Rectifier consultation, please SpecifySpecifications or other requirements, etc..3.When you purchasing any product, it definitely should be supplied by a professional manufacturer and not to pursue cheap price only, easy to use with low trouble is cheap, difficult to use with high trouble chance is expensive. (If you need to more detail information, welcome you to contact us for further details).
Chrome Anode For Electroplating
Chrome Anode For Electroplating(series)  (Japanese technology / Made in Taiwan)Applicable: 1)   We promise that this product not use the recycling lead of old battery to make, and this product for chrome plating with good electricity conductivity, it consists of high pureness lead, tin, antimony and other micro content alloy, produced & manufacture by ratio. 2) Our company uses extrusion machine to produce chrome-plated anode plate, the metal structure has good density smooth, the anode plate metal is not easy to peel off, and the service life is long. 3) If you buy the anode plate is cast by metal mold casting, the density of the metal structure is not good, the anode plate is easily peeled off in the chrome plating bath, and the life is short and not durable. 4) The product is suitable for: chrome plating and acid electrolysis, metallurgical refining. 5) The choice of tin content is total 3, 5,7% available, it is suitable for non-fluoride plating liquid. 6) The chrome plated anode plate used to contain fluoride needs to add antimony about 2-3%. ※ The following specification of anode plate are the chrome plating of factories in Taiwan the most common shapes and sizes for your reference and option, if these shapes do not match you requested, and you need another new mold production the cost will be more expensive. 1) The width of wave shape about 90mm x thickness 9/19mm The length can up to 5000mm 2) The flat plate shape width of shape about 60mm x thickness 19mm The length can up to 6000mm 3) The diameter of round shape about 40/60mm The length can up to 6000mm 4) The diameter of round petals shape about 50/65mm The length can up to 6000mm 5) The of long petals shape The intermediate thickness is about 25mmx and the width is about 60mm. The length can up to 6000mm (If you need to more detail information, welcome you to contact us for further details)

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